Watching the Detectives

An animated short film. (Collab. with David Rice)

Examples of work that can be found online. (For more information about my collection, Activities, click here.)

Jimmy Plays the Drums
A full-color 16-page minicomic. There's music and tall buildings and creepy kids and hot pursuit within.
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. / Read it here online.
A Natural Family
A 16-page, full-color minicomic that tells the story of a brother and a sister who won't wake up. (Published in conjunction with Publishing Genius Press.)
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. / Read it here online.
Animals in Midlife Crises
A series of funny animal comic strips published at The Rumpus. Created in collaboration with Lincoln Michel.
The Moon Gets Closer
Everyday Genius
They Shared an Egg
Awake to the Terror
Our Happily Ever After Begins Now
Noo Journal
The Cat Resuscitates
So and So Magazine


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